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I am frequently asked how a painting should be framed. If you have your own ideas, then read no further.

Framing is your choice, the frame is the interface between the artist's work and the collector's location, be it home or gallery. Evidently the framing must be sympathetic to both. As I do not know the final location of the work this is your chance to further mark the painting as yours.



Most of my work is on stretched canvas, approximately 1.5cm deep, and I normally paint with sympathetic edges, sometimes fully painted and sometimes alluding to the painting. This type of painting can be hung unframed sometimes to great effect. The painting is clearly and simply displayed, it consumes the minimum space and it augments the hanging space. My bold colours make this possible and this sets the colour of a neutrally coloured hanging space.

Sometimes there are rather ugly tacks on the edges, these generally do require a frame.


I exhibit my paintings in what I call a “Studio Frame”. This is an inexpensive plain wooden mitred surround that serves to protect the painting during transport and hanging at the exhibition and also gives some indication of what a more professional frame could look like. This frame is also convenient for safe packing and posting, when augmented with a board over the canvas.

Sometimes I colour these on the painting side to better display the painting or perhaps leave a larger space.

This studio frame can be retained if you want. If there is a label or price tag on the studio frame, this is simply removed by moistening and pealing off.


My paintings are normally attached in these Studio Frames with simple staples and the painting can be pushed forward out of the frame. The painting is marked with an arrow to show the top for your professional framer or cleaner!



I love old frames, you can see how they can give a real character to the painting.


If you find an old frame you like that needs a painting, call me and we can see what might be possible with an existing or a new painting

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