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Terms of Use & Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


Please note that if you contact me, I shall keep a record, for my own purposes.

I shall not distribute, circulate, publish or sell this. 


Terms of Use 


All copyrights of images on this web site are retained by Christopher Walker, as the originating artist.

The artwork cannot be reproduced without the consent of Christopher Walker.

I am happy for you to pass on the images, unaltered, for non-commercial purposes with some acknowledgement to me.


When the original work is purchased, the owner is entitled to use, sell, rent or lend it.


As the copyright owner of the original art shown here, Christopher Walker has the following exclusive rights:

  • Reproduction right, or the right to copy the work.

  • Distribution right, or the right to issue copies of the work to the public.

  • Rental or lending right, or the right to rent or lend the work to the public.

  • The right to communicate the work to the public by broadcasting or electronic transmission.

  • The right to allow others any of the above rights.


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