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Chris Walker Profile

I am a full-time artist living in Provence, at St. Paul lez Durance, since 2006.


I developed my abstract paintings and landscapes while I lived for 11 years in Bavaria. Colours, patterns and still life have been my themes during my 7 years in Provence. I am inspired by nature and man-made forms, and I am motivated by other artists such as J.M.W.Turner, the Impressionists, post-impressionists and fauvistes, the Blaue Reiter, Canada’s Group of Seven, British War Artists, English modern painters.


I like paintings that hint at a story or enigma. I paint what inspires me, and I find plenty of that in Provence, particularly figurative landscapes with more than a hint of impressionism.



My studio, at Les Capelles in St. Paul lez Durance, gives me wonderful working light and inspiration of new subjects. I do enjoy undertaking commissions as this challenges me to focus in someone else’s perspective. Colour and pattern are important in my compositions.


Most of my work is in oils and acrylic. All of my work is for criticism and for sale.

Find me also at any of the following sites:




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